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Grab a cup of coffee, your favorite blanket, and come join us as we share the joys, challenges, and chaos of being working parents blending our party of 5 across 2 states!

Welcome--I'm So Glad You're Here!

I'm Jessica: Working wife; mom; step-mom; and working professional. Blended family aficionado; overachiever; semi-colon lover; book reader; baker; semi-runner. Lover of life, my husband, kids, and the life we have chosen to live together. Living my best life with my party of 5, across 7 hours and 2 states. Passionate about people, parenthood, balancing and blending work and life, and blended families. 

Why This Blog? 

Throughout my divorce, I struggled to find a place for people like me--young-ish, navigating a divorce, single parenthood, and custody on my own, along with a fast-paced career. Here, I've created the community I wish would've existed years ago. Come join us as we talk about the ups, downs, joys, and best ways to thrive during this time. 

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"Getting divorced sucks. Being divorced doesn't"

 I have loved this quote from the moment I read it. Getting divorced sucks...a lot. But being on the other side, life can be so good. Divorce comes with the often unanticipated and tiny silver lining of introspection. When this is all over, I can promise you that you'll know yourself better and be stronger, even if it doesn't feel will feel worth it.

Come join the conversation!

What You'll Find Here

People "like you" going through divorce, custody, co parenting, blending a family, and/or simply trying to figure out how to pursue careers while being a parent. Read and share in the hilarity and trials of doing all of the above--as well as recommendations on books, resources, and more!

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On Work

After spending many years and dollars on undergrad, grad, and post grad degrees, I have found myself in a field I mostly love, pursuing some of my greatest passions. Having a family has not detracted from my desire to also be a professional and have a career. I don't work because I have to; I work because I want to. And I think it's important that my kids see that if they want to work and have a family, they can, too. But, it isn't always easy, or even fun. Join me as I figure out how to balance more spinning plates with these cute kids, and share some fun insights about work with you.

A Note From My Husband

Hi! If you haven't heard of me yet....just read a few blogs and we'll get to know each other.  Every day in this family is an adventure!

Getting divorced, building a new life, finding love again, and creating a blended family is one of the most challenging and rewarding things I've ever experienced, and I wouldn't trade our chaos for anything.  I wouldn't be who I am today without my amazing wife and our three great kiddos. 

This site, like our family, is a team effort. My wife's the social one with the insights, but let's be honest, I'm the funny one who provides the lackluster IT support.

If we can make anything better, please contact us below.  Enjoy!

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